Rufus Swindle

About the Case

Date: March 30, 1898

County: Elmore

Victim(s): Rufus Swindle

Case Status: Attempted

Featured Sources

Abuse of the Pardoning Power

Type: Newspaper

“Abuse of Pardoning Power.” The Reaper (Sheffield, Alabama), June 29, 1895.

Alabama Whitecaps Sentenced to a Tem in the Penitentiary

Type: Newspaper

“Alabama Whitecaps Sentenced to a Term in Penetentiary.” The Macon Telegraph (Macon, Georgia), April 7, 1896.

The New Consitution

Type: Newspaper

“The New Consitution.” The Birmingham News (Birmingham, Alabama), October 30, 1901.

The Whitecapping Decision Affirmed

Type: Newspaper

“The Whitecapping Decision Affirmed.” The Atlanta Constitution (Atlanta, Georgia), April 7, 1896.

The State vs Josephus Jowers Et Als

Type: Newspaper

“The State vs Josephus Jowers et als.” The Weekly Herald (Wetumpka, Alabama), January 30, 1996.

Three Boys Sentenced

Type: Newspaper

“Three Boys Sentenced.” The Tuskegee News (Tuskegee, Alabama), May 16, 1895.