Sean Foster

First off, I would like to say that this class is like no other class I have been apart of. Growing up in… Read More

Stuart Bristow

As a recent graduate, I take great pride in my time spent at the capstone. I was exposed to various subjects that challenged my young… Read More

Riley Taylor

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Peyton McDonough

Since I have been able to reflect upon my time spent researching lynching and how it connects to our own lives, I have realized that… Read More

Owen Mattox

Before this course, I had knowledge about the end of Reconstruction in the South, how the south had essentially been ruled under martial law, and… Read More

Natalie Liutkus

I did not know what to expect enrolling in a class named “Southern Memory and Lynching in Alabama.” Before, I understood the purpose of lynching… Read More

Matthew McDavid

Before I took this class I really had no true understanding of the impact of racial violence in the American South. Of course, I was… Read More

Jerome Cargill

For an entire semester, roughly four months, I got the opportunity to become an investigator. I felt like Indiana Jones, without the whip and fun… Read More

David Loar

Coming into this class I was very closed minded on the subject of African American history. I grew up in northern Florida which leans far… Read More

Daniya Foster

Being a young, African American woman from a small southern town in Alabama, this class is much different than any other previous history class I… Read More