$400 Reward Offered For Lynchers

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Advertiser-Gleam
Place of publication: Gunterville, Alabama
Date of publication: 9/27/1933 0:00
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$400 REWARD OFFERED FOR LYNCHERS Montgomery, Ala., Sept. 26.-Insisting that “the guilty be punished,” Gov. B. M. Miller Tuesday offered a $400 reward for the arrest and conviction of all or any of the persons who lynched Dennis Cross, negro, at Tuscaloosa Sunday. Cross, free under $300 bond on charges of attempting to attack a white woman, was called from his home by men who said they were officers. His bullet-riddled body was found hours later. “This offense on its reported face is so heinous,” Gov. Miller said that without call from an official of the county, this reward of $400 is offered for the arrest and conviction of the offenders, hoping it will encourage and stimulate not only the officials, but the citizens, to double their energy and efforts to end such rimes by a speedy arrest, trial and conviction of the guilty parties. “The law must be obeyed, if not, the guilty must be punished.”