92 Arrests Made On Prohi Charges

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Albany-Decatur Daily
Place of publication: Albany, AL
Date of publication: 3/6/1923

(Associated Press.)

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 6. – The report of the state law enforcement department for the past month, released from the office of W. K. McAdory, head of the state law enforcement department shows that 92 men were arrested in connection with violation of the prohibition laws during the month.

The report follows: Arrests, Operating a still, 20 men; still in possession of men, 24; violation of the prohibtion laws, 51; Public drunkeness, 12; forgery, 2; assault and battery, 1; carrying concealed weapon, 5; gaming, 4; presenting fire arms, 1; resisting an officer, 1; aiding prisoner to escape, 1; abusive language, 1; vagrancy, 1; highway robbery, 2; assault with intent to murder, 1; grand larceny, 2; total, 171.

Property seized and destroyed: Stills, 131; beer, 64,815 gallons; whiskey 387 gallons.

Property confiscated: Cars, 1; wagons, 1; horses, 1; mules, 1.

Disposition of cases: Convictions, 73; nol prossed, 6; abated by death, 1; old cases: conviction 110; nol prossed, 1; acquitted, 2.

Cash fines assessed in February cases, $7,487.05.

Expense of the department, $4,476.09.


“92 Arrests Made On Prohi Charges.” The Albany-Decatur Daily (Albany, AL), March 6, 1923.