A Correction in The Tuskaloosa Gazette on Richard Williams

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuskaloosa Gazette
Place of publication: Tuskaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: Jul 15, 1897 12:00 am

A CORRECTION, In the Gazette’s account of the killing of the negro boy Williams by Deputy Carroll of Jefferson Co. it was stated that the coroner’s jury rendered a verdict of self defense. The Gazette man was so informed by what he considered very reliable authority but that was a mistake. The full report of the jury is therefore most cheerfully published. It is as follows: CORONERS INQUEST-INQUISITION. The State of Alabama, Tuskaloosa County. An Inquisition taken at house of be deceased near Tuskaloosa, Ala, in said county, the 9th day of July 1897, before me, C.H. Jones Coroner for said county, upon the view of the body of Richard Williams there lying dead, and upon the the oaths of T.J. Simpson, A. McGill, D.L. Roberson, H Myer, J.T. Gaudin, J.W. Carson good and lawful of men, householders of said county, as who being charged and sworn to inquire for the State of Alabama concerning the deceased Richard Williams who he was, when, where, and how he came to his death, upon their oaths say and present that the name of deceased of was Richard Williams that be came to his death on the night of the 8th of July 1897 by means of two wounds caused by pistol shot, such pistol being in the hands of one J.R. Carroll such killing having occurred near Tuskaloosa, Alabama,

T.J. Simpson, D.L. Robertson, J.T. Gaudin, T.A. McGill, H. Myer, J.W. Carson
Witness my, hand this 9th day of July 1897.
C.H. Jones,