A Fiendish Brute Bites the Dust, Shot Down in Public Streets By Mr. Charles Stallworth

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Tuscaloosa Weekly Times
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: Aug 25, 1899 12:00 am
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A Fiendish Brute Bites the Dust, Shot Down in Public Streets By Mr. Charles Stallworth, A Well To Do Influential Citizen of Sumter County With a Double Barrel Shot Gun.

About three weeks ago, Mr. Charles Stallworth, who lives at Cuba, Ala, on the A.G.S.R.R, went to Eutaw to sell a lot of lumber. The night of his absence, one John Thomas, a negro mechanic employed at his place entered the window of Mr. Stallworth’s room and attempted to assault her. He seized and choked her in a violent manner, but failed in his fiendish work, as her cries aroused her overseer, Mr. J. J. Andrews, who rushed into the room. The negro escaped through the window. On hearing of this attempted assault, Mr. Stallworth quit business and devoted his time to hunting down the brute with a double barrel shotgun, the whole country joining in the hunt. He traced the negro to Tuscaloosa by his bicycle. It seems that Thomas had punctured his wheel and sent here to Clifford Atkinson for repairs, leaving his saddle and handlebars with the depot agent, Lee Morrison at Cuba Station. Yesterday Mr. Morrison received a letter requesting him to send handlebars and saddle to “Cliff” Tuscaloosa. This letter was a forgery, Mr. Atkinson knowing nothing of it. The Cuba agent depot knowing notified Mr. Stallworth who boarded the train going into Meridian, and took the Northbound train there, reaching there at 4:10 o’clock this morning. While sitting in the Market with his brother, John R. Stallworth, this morning about six o’clock preparing to begin his search. Mr. Charles Stallworth espied John Thomas on the side walk near