Accused of an Attempted Assault- Body found hanging to a Tree

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Fort Wayne News
Place of publication: Fort Wayne, IN
Date of publication: 6/7/1895
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Accused of an Attempted Assualt– Body Found Hanging to a Tree. BIRMINGHAM, June 6.– Near Strassburg, Ala., Monday night Jim Powell, colored entered the room of Mary Bussey, aged 18, daughter of a prominent farmer, and attempted to assualt her. She screamed for help. Her father came, but the negro had escaped. A posse was hastiy orgnized and gave chase, capturing Powell near Calera Tuesday evening. He was taken back to Strasburg nd identifies. The posse then elft him, ostensibly for the county jail at Clanton, but Powell’s body was found yesterday morning hanging to a tree a mile from Strasburg.


“Accused of an Attempted Assault- Body found hanging to a Tree.” The Fort Wayne News (Fort Wayne, IN), June 07, 1895.