Alabama Governor Offers ‘Lynch Reward’ Honor of State on Trial

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Plaindealer
Place of publication: Kansas City, Kansas
Date of publication: 10/6/1933 0:00
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Alabama Governor Officers ‘Lynch Reward’ Honor of State on Trial Montgomery, Alt, Oct. . (ANP) The Governor of Alabama, B. M. Miller, is moved. Tuesday, irked by. the mob murder of Dennis Cross at Tuscaloosa, the third lynching there in . month, Governor Miller offered . re- wand of $400 for the victim went of the to Me slayers arrest of Cross. and Seven cohouse, police officers, and took sway. He waster found shed to death. “This offence on Its reported face le * binious” Gov. Miller and, “that without call from official this reward – of 3400 is offered of the for the arrest and conviction of the of- fenders, hoping it will encourage and stimulate not only the officials, but the citizen to double heir and effort to and. such crime by speedy arrest, trial and conviction of the parties.” Crees shed been arrested for an alleged attempted attack on . white woman, but the very fact that he was released under $300 bond, indicated the of the evidence N° attempt him.