Alabama Lynching Inquiry Ordered; 2 Negroes Killed

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Pomona Progress Bulletin
Place of publication: Pomona, California
Date of publication: 8/14/1933 0:00
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Tuscaloosa, Ala., Aug 14 (U.P) – A grand jury will be summoned today to investigate the lunching of two young negroes charged with murdering a white girl. While the International Labor Defense, whose attorneys were threatened with lynching and forbidden from serving as negroes’ counsel, charged local officials with responsibility for the lynching. Judge Henry B Foster said he would order a “sincere and thoro” investigation. Three negroes, Dan Pippen Jr., 18, A.T. Harden, 16, and Elmore Clark, 28, all were charged with murdering Vaudine Maddox, 18, were taken from deputy sheriffs who were removing them to Birmingham for protection. The bodies of Pippen and Harden were found beside the highway early Sunday, riddled with bullets. Clark was not found and authorities thought the mob had told him to leave the state. The negroes were handcuffed together when taken by the mob. The handcuff that held Clark to Pippen had been unlocked. Pippen and Harden were still handcuffed together when found.