Alabama News

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Southern Democrat
Place of publication: Oneonta, Alabama
Date of publication: 10/5/1933 0:00
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The support of the National Pecan Association was pledged to President Roosevelt and Secretary of Agriculture. Wallace in their splendid fight for agriculture recovery and social rehabilitation at the thirty-second annual convention held in Montgomery. The men robbed the Bank of Berry of between $4000.00 and $5000.00, unmasked, walked into the bank, covered the cashier with guns, and helped themselves, then attempted to lock him in the vault, but the door was locked open. A broad policy of close cooperation with state authorities to assure Alabama of obtaining the greatest possible benefit from the public works program was announced in Montgomery by the Alabama Public Works Advisory Board. The State has placed $7,181,005.00 insurance on state property with old line companies for coming fiscal year, and has decided to continue to carry approximately $20,000,000.00 insurance with the State Insurance Fund. As president of the Tuscaloosa Kiwanis Club, Mr. James A. Anderson sent word to conference headquarters that Tuscaloosa Kiwanians will be on hand in full force for Alabama District Conference in Birmingham, Oct. 9-10. Alabama’s highway construction program revived with the announcements of a second group of projects to cost $1,000,000.00. It was also announced that work will start within 10 days on the first group announced two weeks ago. A petition to the N.R.A. asking that retail credit bureaus be placed under the retail trade code was adopted at the close of a two day joint meeting of the Alabama and Georgia Credit Bureaus held in Birmingham. What is believed to be the first order received in the Birmingham district through operation of the public works program was announced by the the American by the American Cast Iron Pipe Company, amounting to 1,300 tons of pipe. The American Legion and the Alabama Parent-Teacher Association have filed suit in the Montgomery Circuit Court, demanding that education be given its proportionate share of funds in the state treasury. Insisting that “the guilty be punished,” Gov. B. M. Miller has offered a $400.00 reward for the arrest and conviction of all, or, any, of the persons who lynched Dinis Cross, negro, at Tuscaloosa. Gov. B. M. Miller has received the resignation of Representative J.M. Edgar, of Chatom, Washington County. Mr. Edgar states that he resigned to accept an appointment to a federal position. Circuit Court will open in Athens for a jury session October 23, for the first time since last fall, due to economy measures which called off the expenses of jurors until conditions improved. September buisness will register the first increase the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company has shown in Alabama since May, 1930 W.A. Steadman, state manager, said. Taken from home by a group of men posing as officers, Dinis Cross, Tuscaloosa negro, was shot to death. The negro was under bond on a charge of assaulting a Tuscaloosa white woman. Appropriations from federal funds allotted for public works are deemed in sight for development in the Gadsden section of the state and work is expected to start at an early date. The public service commission has approved the petition of the Dixie Coaches, Inc., for authority to establish a two cent a mile passenger fare eto meet railroad competition. A strike of workers at the Standard Coosa Thatcher Textile plant at Piedmont, which has been in effect for two weeks, was ended by a vote of the employees of the plant. The stamp of leadership in student affairs was placed on 16 members of the Senior Class at A.P.P, at Auburn, with the election to Blue Key, National Honor Society. T.A. Carnes, Lamar County Demonstration Agent, has started his annual cover crop campaign, stressing importance of growing hairy vetch and American Winter peas. Eith two of her crew lost at sea during a storm, the fishing smack Leo G. was towed into Mobile Harbor by the Coast Guard Cutter Walcott. Five thousand Shriners attended gay celebration of Red Fox Day in Birmingham with parade, banquet, and ceremonial as the big features. Albert Channel, 14, was taken from the Tuscaloosa Country Club swimming pool dead, after he had gone in swimming a short time before. Miss Elizabeth Alverson, 18, of Birmingham, was killed when she was struck by a motor vehicle while crossing the street. The driver of the motor car did not stop. Tentative approval of approximately 400,000 for public building and roads has been given Walker County’s application to the Alabama Public Works Advisory Board. A charge of murder was placed against Joe White after his wife, whom he shot through the back on a crowded Tuscaloosa street, died in a Druid City Hospital.