Alabama Whitecaps Sentenced to a Tem in the Penitentiary

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Macon Telegraph
Place of publication: Macon. Alabama
Date of publication: 4/7/1896

Ten Years Each. Alabama Whitecaps Sentened to a Term in the Penitentiary. Montgomery, Alabama., April 6– The case of the state vs. Josephus Jowers and John Edwards from the circut counrt of Elmore County, was affirmed bby the seupreme court toady. This is the sensational case in which the two defednats and six or eight ither white man went to the house of a defenseless negro, in Elmore County, about midngiht one night last year, and taking him into the woods whipped him unmercifully and finally shot and killed him for some trifling imaginary offense. The defendants were shown not to be murderers, however. The decision of the lower court was affirmed today and a sentence of ten years each was passed.


“Alabama Whitecaps Sentenced to a Term in Penetentiary.” The Macon Telegraph (Macon, Georgia), April 7, 1896.