“Alabamans Lynch Negroes.”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Morning Mercury
Place of publication: Huntsville, Alabama
Date of publication: 3/16/1905 0:00

ALABAMANS LYNCH NEGROES. They Killed a Prominent White Man and Were Hanged by Mob. Selma, Ala., March 15.-Ed and Wil Ptomey, two negroes, were lynched by a mob of citizens near Allenton, in Wilcox county. Tuesday morning one of the negroes shot and fatally wounded Professor Claude Hardy, at Pine Apple, in the same county. The two negroes had a fight with some negroes on Professor Hardy’s plantation, and when he went to see the Ptomey boys about it, one of them pulled a pistol and shot him. A posse was immediately organized which started in pursuit of the negroes who were located in a house near Allenton, which they had barricaded. The two negroes were finally taken from the house by the posse, who carried them into a nearby swamp and hanged them to a tree.