Alleged Horse Theif Caught

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Troy Messenger
Place of publication: Troy, Alabama
Date of publication: 3/1/1911

Alleged Horse Thief Caught. Wetumpka. Ala., Feb. 24– Deputy Josephus Jowers left this morning for Clay County to bring back to Elmore County a whtie man. Joe Hall, charged with stealing a horse and buggy. Sunday, February 5, Hall drove into Wetumpka with a turn out. That night he secured the consent of a youg woman, a step-daughter of A.G. Perry, a Greek living in Wetumpka to elope with him. The following day, T.J. Halley a farmer living in the neighborhood when Hall came was in Wetumpka looking for his horse and buggy and offered $50 reward for the capture of Hall and the return of the team. Deputy Jowersbecame interested in hte case and ascertained the direction Hall had taken in leaving Wetumpka. Several days ago he left for Clay and surrounding country, looking for his man. He had not been in Clay but a short while before he met Hall ad the young woman driving along the public road. He arrested the alleged horses thief, carrying him to Lineville where he was locked up. Mr. Jowers leardned where the horse adn buggy was traded and secrured the horse vehicle. He took the young woman and brought her back to her parents, arrving here last night. Hall failed to carry out his promise to the young woman, putting off the marraige from day to day until arrest.


“Alleged Horse Thief Caught.” The Troy Messenger (Troy, Alabama), March 1, 1911.