An Alabama Tragedy

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Richmond Dispatch
Place of publication: Richmond, VA
Date of publication: 5/12/1885
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An Alabam Tragedy. [By telegraph to the dispatch.] Selma, Ala., May 11. Yesterday in the woods near the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia railroad, thirty miles abover here, the dead body of Scipio Atchison(colored) was found riddles with buckshot. By whom the murder was committed is not known. Last week Atchison’s son James assaulted a whote woman near the same place. james was pursued by a number of white men, who scoured the country for him, but failed to find him Scipio was terribly enraged at the men for pursuinf his son, and several times threatened to kill them. On Friday last he went to the houses of some white people in the woods, where the men were getting saw-logs, and said: “This is your day, but tommorrow is mine– I will get your scalp.” He also advised the white families to leave there at once. These threats are believed to have caused his death at the hands of some of the white men of the neighborhood. The son is a deserate man, and if caught he will be lynched.


“An Alabama Tragedy.” Richmond Dispatch (Richmond, VA), May 12, 1885.