An Incendiary Plot Nipped in the Bud

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Selma Dollar Times
Place of publication: Selma, Alabama
Date of publication: Aug 27, 1870 12:00 am
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Another fire brand has been thrown in a midst, and the scene of bloodshed has again then avoided through the promptness incision of our people. Several weeks ago it was announced that the radical party behold accounting convention in this place on the 18th last Saturday there being nothing unusual in session announcement, the recognizing the right of all political parties to peacefully assemble in public meetings, this particular instance excited, no special interest outside of the party concern, and then pack, hardly excited remark, until Friday. At about 3 PM on Monday, we received a dispatch from Boligee, adjourning county of green, notifying us that Charley Hays, congressman of this district, was coming to Livingston the next day with a force of 200 negroes, if she could get them, but some refuse to go. A few minutes later, we were shown a dispatch from a prominent in responsible citizen of Gainesville, saying that 100 armed negroes, had passed through that place in route for Livingston. This intelligence fell upon are citizens like a peel of thunder Byron a cloudless sky and measures were taken at wants to put the community in a proper condition for defense against any foe might appear. The coolest heads cannot interpret these warlike demonstrations in any other way than as inviting accomplish. Miss you were strengthened by dispatched received at 10 o’clock at night, from Demopolis, from a gentleman who had just passed on the river on a steamboat. He reported seen several spots of armed negroes on the river bank at various points between Jones bluff and Demopolis at least one of them numbering as many as 30, and all of them, having Livingston for their destination. Without knowing anything of the posse meeting at this place, or any of the purposes of the negroes call mom, the gentleman deemed Judy’s to stop at Demopolis and praise us of what he had seen. The party, approaching from the direction of Gainesville, in which was subsequentially certain to be from Warsaw beat, went into a camp for the night, about 2 miles from town. I had an early hour the next morning, a portion of them, Center in town, without Ames, apparently for the purpose of making observations. Finding Hays had not arrived, and that none of their a custom liters, world on hand to confirm with them, that the negroes we’re in town quietly pursuing. Their usual avocations, the drinking fluids are closed, that our citizens were on the alert, inconsiderable members of the lights from surrounding the country assembling, they evidently became apprehensive. A few of them one left for home, while others kept frequently communication with the reserve in charge of their guns, on the outskirts of town. The promptness of the whites have evidentiary, dampened, whatever hostile intense, they originally had, and not in armed negro appeared up on the streets during the day. Towards noon, several citizens of Gainesville arrive, and stated that not less than 160 negroes with guns, had to crossed Noxubee fairy the day before, coming to this place. Some gentlemen of Gainesville had tried to dissuade them from coming in that way, and urged them to deposit their arms until the return, as there was no occasion for going arms, and to do so, would possibly result in bloodshed. A few them to this advice, and left their guns. And reply to the inquiries. Made as to their object in going to Livingston, uniform answer was they had been ordered to go there to the election, and take their guns. This order was said to have been communicated to them the Sunday previous at church. The day war on quietly, until shortly afternoon, when it was stated that a negro headless town with two bags of buckshot. A small party of white started after him to a certain from whom he had obtain them, and soon after four inspiring, was recorded in the direction taken. A strong party at one sent out and report and scene of action, but the report a fire in provoked unfounded. A number of negroes with arms in their hands were encountered, however, being ordered to dispersed, refuse to do so. Their arms were taken from them and brought to town. Upon drawling loads every gun was found, charged with what is known as we Whisler’s, a ball, something larger than a buckshot. One gun contains 26th of these. Among the arms was a pistol made by cutting off the United States musket some 4 inches below to walk, in about 8 inches above it. This was loaded with a wad of tinfoil and ten penny nails. This prompt action on a part of the whites quiet the negroes dispersing and going home, and no one more quickly more quickly than the squad of some 20 from Greene County, who had posted themselves on Jones Bluff Road. The conduct of our people on this occasion cannot be to have a complimented. Their numbers and the other alacrity of which they acted comment that was prevented, Essena, blessed plainly refigured and ask him related. And yet we saw no disposition, manifested to commit massive aggression, or to interfere with anyone’s peaceful exercise of his rights. I didn’t usual on Saturdays. There was a considerable number of negroes in town, training, and other lawful business, but no instant was one of the mistreated in any way of molested. We heard the remark made repeatedly, if the radicals desire to hold a political meeting, they would not be interrupted, but if they persisted and assembling the negroes under arms, it would be regarded as a menace, and will be resisted at all hazard. Endorses sentiment, Foley, and advise that as a measure of public safety, and be adopted as a rule of action. For three or four years are people have been subjected to consume harassment, and Carol through the action of a few devilish spirit love no regard for the interesting lines of whites or blacks as long as they can advance our own ends. This has been met by the renewed aggravations, and then mistaken for cowardice. Patient has been exhausted. The time has come for determining whether peace, order, and security shall reign, or the community be left at the mercy of their ignorance, but obedient dupes. We can stay for the white men of Sumter, that they are ready for the decision of that question. If this speech reason, make the most of it.