Anti-Lynching Bill

Source Type: Other
Creator: United States. Committee on the Judiciary.
Publisher: Government Printing Office
Place of publication: Washington, D.C.
Date of publication: 1920

Anti-lynching Bill- p. 425

Lynching, 1919.

Seventy-four negroes, six white men lynched, from January 1 to December 31, 1919.

Name. Date. Place. Manner of lynching.
Henry Thomas Jan. 18 Grand Bayou, La Burned.
Bragg Williams Jan. 20 Hillsboro, Tex Burned.
Sampson Smith Jan. 30 Monroe, La Burned.
John Daniels Feb. 6 New Bern, N.C. Hanged.
Will Fortner Feb. 14 Bossier, La Hanged.
Eugene Greene Mar. 2 Belzoni, Miss Hanged.
Cicero Cage Mar. 13 Tuscaloosa, Ala Cut to pieces.

Cong. Rec. 66 (1920).