At Least One Innocent Man Lynched

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Tyrone Daily Herald
Place of publication: Tyrone, PA
Date of publication: 2/18/1894

Mrs. Annie Rucker, an aged and respected white woman who lives in the lower part of Chilton county, was assaulted by a negro, and to cover up his crime he turned and fatally shot the old lady, who was found by neighbors shortly after in a half unconcisoucs condition. She was then sufficiently revived to tell her story, and shortly died. Two negroes who were found by a party of searchers were questioned carefully, and the evidence showed that one or the other was the guilty man, though each denied his guilt. To be sure that the right man was punished both were strung up to a limb and their bodies riddled with bullets.


“At Least One Innocent Man Lynched.” Tyrone Daily Herald (Tyrone, PA), February 18, 1894.