Birmingham, August 13. -(Special)-

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Montgomery Advisor
Place of publication: Montgomery, Alabama
Date of publication: Aug 14, 1895 12:00 am
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Birmingham, August 13.-(Special.)-

From Brookside comes the details of the killing of Will McKay, colored, by Deputy Sheriff Joe Nelson. McKay, who was a miner, worked in Brookwood Mines and lived at Brookwood. His mother also lived there. His mother is reported to keep company with a negro, who was objectionable to McKay, and who McKay thought was too thick with her. McKay swore he would break up their relations and put in his protest, but in vain. Sunday Will thought he would try sterner measures. He therefore loaded his pistol and went to his mother’s house. There he found the objectionable negro on the front steps. Will made some talk which was not heeded, and then drew his pistol and emptied it, putting a circle of bullets around the negro’s head. Strange to say, no bullet had any effect.

McKay then took out toward Coaling. He told the “folks” he was going to get some more cartridges and come back to Brookwood to stay until his mother’s friend made off for parts unknown.

Last night McKay returned to Brookwood. Meanwhile a warrant was sworn out for him, and Deputy Sheriff Joe Nelson was sent to execute it. He found Will in his cabin and ordered him to surrender. Instead of doing so forthwith, Will stooped toward the floor as if to get his revolver from his boot. Before he could succeed in his purpose Mr. Nelson had fired a barrel of slugs at him at close range and Will fell to the ground with his breast perforated with lead. This morning he died.

It is stated that he was a bad negro and had few friends, even among his own people.