Brutally Assaulted by a Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Times Democrat
Place of publication: New Orleans, LA
Date of publication: 11/23/1886
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MONTGOMERY. A Brutal Negro Murderer Captured– How an Enraged Mob Made Way With His Accomplice. Montgomery, Nov. 22 –[Special.]– George Hart, one ot the negroes who brutally murdered yonng Waldrup, in Lee county, a few weeks ago, was captured at Coalburg, near Birmingham, at 9 o’clock last night by Mr. R. W. Tommel. John Moss, the other murderer, was captured about two weeks ago and brought to a horrible death by the enraged people in the Waldrup neighborhood. He was first hanged until almost half dead, then taken down riddled with bullets and then burned to death. He made a full confession of the crime, and said he held young Waldrup while George Hart cut his throat. The murder was deliberately planned for the purpose of robbing Waldrnp of $65. . George Hart made his escape and eluded the officers until he was caught last night. Mr. Trammel, the detective, shadowed a negro who was known to be intimate with. George, and in that way succeeded in capturing the murderer. Hart was brought to this city to-night and lodged in the county jail for safe keeping. The news of his capture has reached Lee county, and the people have gathered at the railroad station to take him from the officers and put him to death as they did John Moss. Under the circumstances it was deemed wisest and safest to have hi placed in jail here. To-morrow the Governor will either order him kept in prison here or send him nder heavy guard to the Lee county jail. It is feared that he would be taken from the Sheriff and lynched. There is no doubt about his identity and guilt. He confesses the crime to the officers last night, but denies is now. His fate is sealed; but the Governor will strive to hold him for a trial in the courts. The Waldrup murder is the most horrible and shocking in the history of the State, and has created widespread interest and excitement.


“Brutally Assaulted by a Negro.” The Times Democrat (New Orleans, LA), November 23, 1886.