Circuit Court Adjourned

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a
Publisher: The Choctaw Advocate
Place of publication: Butler, Alabama
Date of publication: 10/22/1919 0:00
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The Fall Term of the Circuit Court of Choctaw county adjourned late last Friday evening and the officers of the court left early Saturday morning for Chatom, Washington county, where court is now in session.

Judge Turner, as usual, ably presided over the court here, and our new Solicitor, Hon. Frank E. Poole, took charge of things at the beginning of the court and represented the state through the term like a man who knows what lie is about. In fact, be knows his business, and is making a good Solicitor. He made many friends of while here and his careful attention to the duties of the important office to which he has been elected will make for him friends all over the circuit.

Some important cases were disposed of at this term of the court. Two of the five murder cases on the docket were continued, two were reduced to be manslaughter in the second degree and a plea of guilty entered. One, the case of Monroe Edwards, the negro who shot and killed Mr. C. O. (Lum) Springer, near Jachin in north Choctaw last July, was tried by jury, convicted of murder in the second degree and sentenced to 23 years imprisonment in the penitentiary. Edwards was immediately carried to Mobile jail an as for safe keeping, there being rumors of mob violence before the trial.