Criminally Assaulted

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Vernon Courier
Place of publication: Vernon, AL
Date of publication: 7/14/1892
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Criminally Assaulted. Jasper, Ala., July 5.– Sunday last Miss Brickfield, who lives near Jasper, was criminally assaulted by an unknown negro. She fought and screamed and frightened her assailant off.
A short while afterwards Mrs. William Kilgore heard his wife’s screams and came to her rescue before the villain had accomplished his purpose. This done he got a gun and dog and started in pursuit. He followed the brute to Black Creek, which the negro swam and escaped with some shot in him.
Mr. Kilgore returned to Jasper and gave the alarm. A posse was formed. The negro was surrounded by night in an eighty-acre swamp and at sunrise, they closed in on him and riddled him with bullets.


“Criminally Assaulted.” The Vernon Courier (Vernon, AL), July 14, 1892.