Cunningham’s View of Mob Law

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Canebrake Herald
Place of publication: Uniontown, AL
Date of publication: 5/12/1904

Recently Governor Cunningham mailed to Circuit Judge W. S. Anderson, a letter again asking him if he did not think it advisable to call a special term of his court to investigate the lynching of Reuben Sims, a negro, in Baldwin county. Judge Anderson wrote previously and said he did not think it advisable. In closing his letter Alabama’s new governor shows plainly how he intends to deal with lynchers in this state. He says:

“I trust you will yet see your way clear to the calling of a special term of your court, and thus leave nothing undone that looks to the breaking up of lynching in our otherwise fair state.”


“Cunningham’s View of Mob Law.” The Canebrake Herald (Uniontown, AL), May 12, 1904.