D’ain’t No News

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The age-herald
Place of publication: Birmingham, Ala.
Date of publication: 1/10/1901 0:00
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D’ain’t No News.
The Hon. Robert J. Lowe, chairman of the State Democratic Committee, met on the street yesterday the Hon. Alexander Troy, the eminent lawyer of Montgomery and lifetime secretary of the Alabama Bar the first Association. Mr. Lowe asked Mr. Troy for news, in the usual way. That reminded Mr. Troy of one of dozens of excellent and stories. Sam Johnson and Jake Smith, two substantial colored citizens, met each other in the morning:
“How’s you?”
“IM well. How’s you?”
“IM well. How’s your family?”
“Da’s well. How’s yourn?”
“Da’s well. How’s all?”
“Well. How’s all wid you?”
“Well. What’s de news.”
“D’aint none-thout you knows some!”