“Deep Laid Plot”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Living Truth
Place of publication: Greenville, Alabama
Date of publication: 10/27/1905 0:00

Deep Laid Plot Frank Grace of Pineapple, says the Camden Era gets in the Camden Jail and stays there. One day last week a brother and another kinsman of Will Ptomey, the negro, who shot Professor Claude Hardy, visited Will Ptomey in the Camden jail. In a few days after a negro girl who lived at Pineapple was put in jail for forgery, and only a. few days after her incarceration her father, Frank Grace came down to see her and wished to carry her a sack of clothing and some food, he told Deputy McLean his errand, but was not ready to go in. He saw some lawyers and when they were ready to visit the jail slipped in between them, and when Deputy McLean who is always watchful, asked for the wallet to examine its contents, he pulled back, and said that it contained only some things for his daughter, but being forced to give it up. two thirty-eight calibre pistols well loaded, were found in the sack. one a hammerless Smith & Wesson of the latest make. Frank Grace was immediate locked in a cell and will be investigated by the grand jury and the courts in November. It is unreasonable to suppose that the two pistols were intended for his daughter’s use alone, if at all, and if Deputy McLean had not been on his guard he may perhaps have lost his life.