Deputy sheriff Brewer fatally shot by negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa Times-Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: 1/2/1914 0:00
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DEPUTY SHERIFF BREWER FATALLY SHOT BY NEGRO. SHOOTING TOOK PLACE NEAR SAMANTHA YESTERDAY AT NINE A.M. WHEN DEPUTY SHERIFF BREWER ATTEMPTED TO ARREST NEGRO. BREWER NOT EXPECTED TO LIVE. Deputy Sheriff J. H. Brewer was fatally shot yesterday morning near Samantha by a negro, by the name of Dony Cook, when he attempted to place him under arrest. The reports are meager as to how the shooting occurred, but it was stated at the Sheriff’s Office that Deputy Brewer had a warrant for the negro and while trying to arrest him the negro opened fire on him with a shot gun, filling his face and head full of shot. The negro was immediately placed under arrest by Mr. A. J. Chappell and brought to the city yesterday afternoon and placed in the County jail. Deputy Brewer, who received the fatal shot from the negro, is well known here in the city, and has many friends, who will be pained to hear of his serious misfortune. He has been deputy for some time under Sheriff Palmer and was considered a brave and faithful officer, and that he should be shot down in such a brutal manner has caused a good deal of strong feeeling against the negro. The latest reports from Mr. Brewer’s bedside yesterday afternoon were that little hope was entertained for his recover.