Donie cook gets off light for shooting deputy brewer

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa Times-Gazette
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: 5/8/1914 0:00
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DONIE COOK GETS OFF LIGHT FOR SHOOTING DEPUTY BREWER. VERDICT A SURPRISE TO THOSE WHO WERE ACQUAINTED WITH THE FACTS IN THE CASE. Donie Cook, the negro who shot Deputy J. E. Brewer near Samantha several months ago, was tried yesterday in County Court and given a fine of $200 by the jury selected to try the case. The verdict came as a surprise to those who heard the evidence, as the negro admitted that Deputy Brewer greeted him in a pleasant way on the morning that the shooting took place. According to Deputy Brewer’s statement, he had went to the negros house with a warrant to arrest him, and when he asked the negro to come out to the buggy where he was, that negro replied that he could talk to him from where he was. The negro then went in his house and came out with a shot gun and fired on Mr. Brewer, filling his face full of shot, front which Mr. Brewer later lost one of his eyes. Verdict Condemned. In view of the fact that he negro was resisting arrest and also the serious injury suffered by Deputy Brewer, it is thought by many that the verdict of the jury in giving the negro a fine of $200 was entirely too light. It is stated that Judge Foster will impose a hard labor sentence of six months which is the limit the law will allow him to give the negro after being given such a low fine by the jury.