Doubt Death of Cicero Cage is Freely Expressed

Source Type: Newspaper
Creator: The Tuscaloosa News
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: 3/18/1919

Negro Attempted To Pull prominent young Woman From Her Saddle Horse

Is Cicero Cage dead? This negro boy attempted to pull a prominent young lady from her horse, in the western part of the county, one day last week.

        There seems to be a serious doubt about his having been cut to death, although Sam Cage, Cicero’s father, who was in the city on Saturday last, informed Hon. Walter D. Seed that his son was dead. Sam Cage went on to tell Mr. Seed that his son was literally cut to pieces.

        Prominent citizens from the Park’s Mill neighborhood have been in the city during the past twenty four hours and they say they do not know anything about Cicero Cage being murdered and cannot find anybody who knows anything about his having been buried. They are of the opinion that the rumor of Cicero’s murder was started by his relatives, in order to throw the citizen of the community off the track, so he could be spirited away, as they fear an outraged people will deal with him at the end of a rope, should he be caught, as punishment for daring to lay his hands on a young lady.

        A rumor reached the city this morning that Cicero has been located and it was expected he would be arrested in the next few hours and that the report about his having been lynched was all rot, as he has not been seen in that neighborhood since he attempted to pull the young lady from her horse.

        There is a good deal of suppressed excitement in the neighborhood over the act of the negro and the fact that a false rumor has been put out about his being lynched, thus placing a stigma on the community which is not deserved, has caused the excitement to grow more intense and its bodies no good for Cicero Cage should be captured.

        The people are aroused over the negro’s act and there may be trouble, if he is captured.


1919, March 18. Doubt Death of Cicero Cage is Freely Expressed. Negro Attempted To Pull Prominent Young Woman From Her Saddle Horse. The Tuscaloosa News.