Examined by the court

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Selma Times and Messenger
Place of publication: Selma, Alabama
Date of publication: May 5, 1868 11:50 pm
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Examined by the Court.-Randolph fired in the direction of Mis Rhea’s, to- wards the wall; couldn’t say he fired at any one in particular; Eddins “was be- tween Randolph and the wall; didn’t see what Eddins was doing when Randolph fired; thinks Eddins was stand- ing with his side towards Randolph; was 10 or 12 steps from Randolph when Randolph fired. Examined by Advocate.- If the negro was cut while Hollingsworth was on the ground, witness didn’t know it; Hollingsworth had his knife in his hand over the negro’s head trying to cut him; don’t know whether the negro that had Hollingsworth down was Eddins or not; Hollingsworth commenced the fight with Brown; can’t say whether it was Eddins or Brown that had Hollingsworth down. The Judge Advocator here submitted extracts from the Tuscaloosa Monitor, of which the accused was and is editor. The counsel for the defense objected. The objection was overruled, and the extracts read as follows : From the Tuscaloosa Monitor, April 18GS. ” John, alias Balus, (negro,) was pretty badly bruised and chopped in a street fight with a white man last Saturday noon. ” This will, doubtless, serve as a caution to these many insolent negroes, who essay to fight the ruling race of the land. “Let-no white man, hereinafter, tamely submit to abuse from negroes. Lot no white man stand passively by, and 800 a fellow white man assaulted by a negro, without pitching into the latter in a manner calculated to rid the community of tho scoundrel.