Execution Report in New Orleans

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Times-Democrat
Place of publication: New Orleans, LA
Date of publication: Jan 26, 1889 12:00 am
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MURDERER’S END. He Pays the Penalty of His Crime on the Gallows. Special to The Times-Democrat. Eutaw, Ala., Jan. 25.-Jim Seams, the negro who murdered Deputy Sheriff Autrey, of Tuskaloosa county, exactly one year ago yesterday, was hanged privately in the back yard of the jail at this place to-day. Among the spectators were two sons of the murdered man and several others from Tuskaloosa. Outside the jail inclosure there were about 300 white and colored people. There was no excitement of any kind. Before being taken to the scaffold the condemned man remarked that he was ready to die, and as usual with men of his race he said he expected to meet all of his friends in heaven. He mounted the scaffold as firmly and coolly as if going to a dance. At 1:27 p. m. the trap was sprung, and he died in nineteen minutes without a struggle, his neck being broken by the fall. His remains were shipped to his former home in Tuskaloosa county.