Executive Speaks Out Acting Governor of Alabama Takes Stand Against Lynching

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: Nashville Banner
Place of publication: Nashville, TN
Date of publication: 5/6/1904

Special to the Banner.

Montgomery, Ala., May 6. – Acting Gov. Cunningham to-day took a decided stand against lynching. He wrote another letter to Circuit Judge W. S. Anderson, again calling his attention to the lynching of Reuben Sims, a negro in Baldwin County, and asking him to call a special term of his court. The Governor quotes an opinion from the Attorney-General, which says the Governor has the right to compel a Circuit Judge to call a special term. In closing his letter, the Governor says:

“I can only request, as I now do with all the urgency at my command, that you exercise the authority committed to you, and about which there can be no question, and hold the court.”


“Executive Speaks Out; Acting Governor of Alabama Takes Stand Against Lynching.” Nashville Banner (Nashville, TN), May 6, 1904.