Fire 1,000 Bullets Into Negro’s Body

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Pittsburgh Press
Place of publication: Pittsburgh, PA
Date of publication: 3/25/1907

FIRE 1.000 BULLETS INTO NEGRO’S BODY. Florence. Ala., March 23. Cleveland Hardin, the negro who attempted to attack a white woman, was shot to pieces bv a crowd of several hundred men yesterday It is estimated the crowd fired at least a thousand bullets into the body. Hardin, who attempted to attack Mrs. B F Rice Friday, was captured half a mile below Florence. He did not deny his identity and offered no resistance. When the negro was brought before Mrs. Rice she fainted and was revived with difficulty. A large part of the crowd favored burning at the stake, but the husband of the intended victim said shooting was the best way of disposing of him. The negro was tied to a tree, with arms up. Rice, with a 44 caliber Winchester rifle fired the first shot. Instantly followed a fusillade, every man in the crowd empting his pistol or gun into the body


“Fire 1,000 Bullets Into Negro’s Body.” The Pittsburgh Press (Pittsburgh, PA), March 25, 1907.