Governor Gives Parole to Hyche

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: 2/6/1913 0:00
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GOVERNOR GIVES PAROLE TO HYCHE Well Known Tuscaloosa Man Released to from Further Hard Labor on Prohibition Case. Burton Hyche, a former merchant of Tuscaloosa and at one time a member of the police force here, was granted a parole by Governor O’Neal yesterday, suspending his sentence of hard labor for violating the prohibition law. The order granting the who parole was received here yesterday afternoon and the release from further road service took place this morning. The parole is made on the recommendation of the trial judge and is conditioned on good conduct. Hyche was convicted in the county court before Judge H. B. Foster several months ago on a charge of violating the prohibition law and was given a fine and hard labor sentence of 60 days on the county roads. Hyche took an appeal to the supreme court but the case was affirmed and he accepted the order of the court and began the service of the sentence. Several weeks of the sentence has already been served. Following is the order of Governor O’Neal granting the parole: “On recommendation of the trial judge in the case I hereby parole said Burton Hyche conditioned on good conduct. The sheriff to report to the and governor any violation on the part of Hyche and upon said report parole to be revoked “Let order issue accordingly.- “EMMETT O’Neal, Governor.”