Guarded Negro Tells Story of Lynching

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: St. Louis Globe- Democrat
Place of publication: St. Louis, Missouri
Date of publication: 8/16/1933 0:00
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Behind closed doors of the grand jury room, Elmore Clark, 28-year-old Negro, today related his experiences in the hands of a mob which wounded him and lynched two other Negroes under indictment on a charge of killing a white woman. As national guardsmen paced the area about the Courthouse and the County Jail near by, Clark went before the Special Grand Jury which had been charged by Judge Henry B. Foster earlier in the day to make a determined effort to bring the lynchers to justice. After completing his testimony Clark was place aboard a train, accompanied by an escort of National Guardsmen, and taken to Birmingham, where he was placed in the Jefferson county jail for safe keeping. The deputies from whom the masked band seized Clark, A.T. Harden, 16, and Dan Pippen Jr., 18, as the three were being transferred to Birmingham early Sunday, also were expected to be called before the Grand Jury before it completes its work. Harden and Pippen were the Negroes lynched.