“Horrible Outrage by a Negro!” Esau Thomas’ Murder Reported

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: Feb 15, 1869 11:50 pm
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Horrible Outrage by a Negro! A young girl, about fourteen years of age, was ravished by a negro man named Esau- formerly a slave of Mr. James Thomas- in the neighborhood of Hickman’s P.O., on last Saturday. The negro was recognized as one living on the place. None but women were on the premises at the time. The black villain was subsequently caught and properly punished by Lynch law. This is the same neighborhood in which a similar crime was committed by a negro on a white woman, a few months ago. Both of the fiends expiated their heinous offenses by condign death. Let these instances of vengeance be lessons to the others, who have not yet gone into utter barbarism. Verily, the time has come, when it will be hazardous for the women of the South to live in the country. Desperate diseases require desperate remedies. If necessary, in order to stop these horrible acts, we would suggest that the next criminal be burnt at a stake, in presence of as many of his color as can be got together. Our women must be protected at all hazards. For every rape committed on a white woman by a negro, the meanest white Loil-Leaguers in the neighborhood should be held accountable, and be made to suffer; for their infamous teachings have, beyond a doubt, stimulated the negro to the perpetration of the deed, The low whites of the South have done more damage than the vilest blacks.