“How Long Will It Last”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Guntersville Democrat
Place of publication: Guntersville, Alabama
Date of publication: 11/27/1913 0:00

HOW LONG WILL IT LAST Node Madison is a negro in jail for deliberately murdering his wife. There were no witnesses, but the woman’s ante-mortem statement makes Node a deliberate murderer. We learn that the prisoner has $1,000 to use in his defense. The case of Irvin Pope, who has been five times sentenced to hang, is familiar to all. Pope has secured a new trial for the sixth time. Is it possible that his lawyer is only deferring the execution until he has transferred Pope’s savings to his own account? Lawyers feel compelled to exhaust every means to save a client, but does it serve to punish crime or further the ends of justice? Pope’s case is before us for an example. Will Node remain a charge on the county when judge, jury and counsel are convinced of his guilt? It is up to our court to set a counter example to Calhoun.