“Hunt at Pineapple is Almost Abandoned”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Birmingham News
Place of publication: Birmingham, Alabama
Date of publication: 3/27/1905 0:00

HUNT AT PINEAPPLE IS ALMOST ABANDONED Special to The Birmingham News. SELMA, Ala., March 27.-Citizens from Pineapple who arrived in Selma Friday state that the man hunt which has been going on in Wilcox county for over a week for the two negroes, Ed and Will Ptomey, has about ended. It is believed that the assailants of Professor Hardy have eluded the posse that has been hunting them and made good their escape. Ever since the accidental killing of Mr. I. R. Rowell, a member of the posse last Monday night by Messrs. George Kyser and George Brantley, the hunt has been carried on in a half-hearted manner and the posse has about determined to give up the chase. Professor Hardy, who was brought to the city and placed in an infirmary for medical treatment, is getting along very nicely and it is now thought that he is out of danger.