Impudent Freshness Cost Negro Soldier His Life at Holt 1

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa
Date of publication: 1/23/1919 0:00
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INSULTS WHITE LADIES WHILE ON RAMPAGE Refusing command to surrender, negro dashed into muzzle of gun held by young Tim Ryan and was shot dead. Impudent “freshness” cost Harry Crumby, ex-negro soldier, his life at Holt Wednesday afternoon. After entering the home of a white family and attempting to place himself on an equality with the lady of the house and her small children, and being chased off by an irate husband, who arrived at the opportune time, Harry was met face to face by one of a searching party and ordered to surrender. The negro’s reply was to get himself into a crouching position and dash forward at the man who held a gun on him. Unheeding a warning that he would be shot, the negro continued almost into the gun’s muzzle, and it was fired when he was within one yard of the muzzle. The full load took effect in the left breast, ranging down- ward, and Harry fell dead some fifty feet distant. The killing occurred on the Mc-Kenzie Hill road. just to the rear of the home of J. S. Pou. The gun fired was in the hands of young Tim Ryan, son of William Ryan. At the time Crumby was met by Ryan, who had seen the negro where he had entered the white home, he was forcing his company upon Mrs. Park. one of the white teachers in the Holt school. The negro had met with Mrs. Park only a few moments previously, and greeting her in familiar language with the words, “Are you a native Alabamian? he proceeded down the road and talked impudently with the much-frightened young lady. Mrs. Parks was a witness to the shooting, and affirms in all details the story of the killing as told by young Ryan. Had Served in Hawaii. Crumby Is said to have been reared in Northport, and was the son of Andrew Crumby. He had served a regular enlistment in the army of four years, according to a statement of his sister, who appeared at the undertaking shop where the dead body of the negro was carried.