Jail Stormed By A Mobile Mob

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Greenville Advocate
Place of publication: Greenville, AL
Date of publication: 10/10/1906

JAIL STORHED BY A MOBILE MOB. Number of Assaults on Women and” Children Drive Citizens of Mobile to Desperate Acts. Mobile, Ala-, Oct 3. Two wounded and scores of lives endangered by promiscuous shooting I is the visible effects of an effort to nnu. ana ijucqr a iiqro ravisur fcereMfc night.. ‘ . V ‘ . “LThe-negro,-who5a-onlj: 17 years of age. yesterday attacked Ruth, the 12-ycar-old daughter of Blount Sossaman. The girl was passing a secluded siot not far from her home when she was attacked. Later she was found unconscious ly ing by the roadside, and was taken to her home- The negro was captured and taken before the Sossaman girl vho at once identified him- The Sheriff knowingfthat the life of the prisoner would be taken by a mob if he brought him to jail conveyed him to a station, several miles up the Mobile and Ohio Railroad. Early in the evening a mob attacked the jail, believing the negro was there, battering down the doors with a telephone lole- The door fell with n crash, and almost instantly a shot came from a revolver in the hands of a man standing in the gate. At once the members of the mob commenc ed a ftisilado. and a’)iit a dozen revolver shots were tired- After satisfying themselves the negro was not in the jail, the mob scattered, and in a few seconds Alderman Lvons. who had lieeii on toe inside of the jail, came out. and holding ui his hand wiili the blood streaming, announced thai he had ieeli shot and that Ko.V lloyle had received a bullet thrm.gll the left In riir and eould not live Governor .lelk. who was in the city, at once ordered three companies of militia s-ent here by siecial train from Hrewton, Evergreen and Fort Deposit Prisoners Taken From Train and Lynched. Later- Two negroes who had committee, assaults on white girls of Mobile, one of the prisoners being the one mentioned in the abeve telegram, who had been carried to Birmingham for safekeeping, were being returned for trial last Saturday when the train was met by a large nob and the negroes were taken from the officers and lynched.


“Jail Stormed By A Mobile Mob.” The Greenville Advocate (Greenville, AL), October 10, 1906.