Kin of Lynched Man, None of Mob Arrested in ‘Bam

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: BSC Newspapers
Place of publication: Norfolk
Date of publication: July 26, 1930

Alabama’s probe into the race riot at Emelle, which grew out of a dispute over a $4 automobile battery has netted only the arrest of nine kinsmen of Esau Robertson, who with three other Negroes was lynched by a mob after two whites had been killed.

Those arrested after voluntary surrender are: Jacob, Jordan, J.W., James, Elbert, Andrew, and Frank Robertson, who had concealed themselves in a corn fired three days without food or water, and Philip and Andrew Robertson who were brought here from Birmingham after being taken into custody on vagrancy charges.

The prisoners were secreted away to Kilby prison for safekeeping to prevent another flare-up of the Fourth of July disorders.

Governor Bibb Graces promised a statement as soon as he had read the report of Walter McAdory, chief state law enforcement officer.