“Let Murders Cease.”

Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Independent Monitor
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Date of publication: Jun 21, 1869 11:00 pm

Let Murders Cease. We regret to chronicle the murder of a man by the name of Miller, which occurred near New Lexington, several days since, owing, it is supposed, to political considerations, though this is not certain. The deed was perpetrated by some half dozen persons, whose names are not known, who seized Miller at his home about dark, put a halter about his neck, and led him in the direction of North river. His body has since been found, submerged in the waters of that stream, bearing pistol-shots about the person. It is now time, we are free to announce, for murders and assassinations to cease. When the late Radical Sheriff, Lewis, was decapitated, that worthy and gallant gentleman, Col. J. J. Pegues, was appointed to fill the vacancy; with our own pledge, and that of other Democratic citizens, that he should be sustained in the duties of his office. We shall not now, in the hour of trial, prove false to our promise, or recreant to our duty. We have an officer of our choice, and we must sustain him in making arrests whenever the offending parties shall be identified. Sheriff Pegnes has already visited New Lexington, and investigated the facts as far as he could; and he has informed the father of the deceased that he is prepared to apprehend the murderers whenever a warrant may be placed in his hands. Every good citizen cannot fail to hope that the Sheriff will be able to execute the laws without calling upon the military for assistance. Again we repeat, let us have quiet – let these murders cease.