Lynchers of Negro Sought to be Officers

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Progressive Age
Place of publication: Scottsboro, AL
Date of publication: 9/28/1933 0:00
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Lynchers of Negro Sought By Officers Tricked Suspect is Taken From Home and Shot At Tuscaloosa With three pistol bullets and tracks made by an automobile as their clues city and county officers in Tuscaloosa Monday were seeking the identity of a group of lynchers who posing as officers, lured a negro from his home early yesterday and shot him to death, The negro, Dennis Cross, about 50, was under $300 bond on a charge of accosting a young white woman. The woman had not been attacked, officers said. According to reports to the Sheriffs office, a group of six or seven white men went to the negro’s home about 2 a. m. Sunday told him they were officers and that he would have to accompany them to the sheriff’s office to post a larger bond. Officers found Cross’ body, bearing three bullet wounds, near Tuscaloosa Country club about three miles from his home, The lynching was the third in this section in less than two months. Officers are still investigating the mob killing August 13 of Dan Pippen and A. T. Hardin, negroes accused in the Vaudine Maddox murder case.