Lynching in Alabama

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: New York Times
Place of publication: New York City, NY
Date of publication: 1892-02-14


TUSCALAOOSA, Ala., Feb. 13.—Within the past few weeks several fires have occurred at Sylvan, sixteen miles below Tuscaloosa.  A few nights since D. S. Robertson’s storehouse was broken into, goods were stolen, and the building was fired. The citizens, enraged at such bold outlawry, decided to hunt the rascals down and mete out justice. A searching party was instituted and the incendiaries were finally captured.

A preliminary trial before a Justice was granted the men, who were negroes, and they pleaded guilty of the recent crimes, and confessed to burning of other property.

A guard was placed in charge of the prisoners for the night, and the citizens retired. During the night an armed mob of thirty men overpowered the guards, took the prisoners to a tree, and hanged them until life was extinct.


1892, Feb. 14. Lynching in Alabama, New York Times, pp. 1.