Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Montgomery Times
Place of publication: Montgomery, AL
Date of publication: 10/6/1906

OF MOBILE NEGROES, ROBINSON AND THOMPSON, AT ROBERTSON’S SIDING IS REPORTED TO DAY. BUT NO CONFIRMATION CAN BE HAD ASKED ‘ FOR TROOPS TO GUARD TRAIN TOO LATE TAKEN OVER SOUTHERN RAILROAD. It is reported, that the negroes, Jim Robinson and Will Thompson, who were to be tried at Mobile for criminal assault Tuesday, were lynched at Robertson’s Siding, about four miles from Mobile on the Southern railroad, early today ‘ The rumor had not been confirmed up to the’ time. The Times goes to press on account of the slowness of the wire service, which has not fully recovered from- the effects of. the storm. It was known that a determined at tempt to lynch the negroes would be made. About midnight a request came from Mobile that the governor send a military escort on the train. -An attempt to catch Sheriff Powers at Birmingham failed, as he had left on the Southern at 10:30 o’clock. Govern or Jelks had -tended putting troops on the train at Montgomery. It is known that the Southern train was about three hours late in get ting, to Mobile, and the general im pression is that the delay was the re sult of the interception by a mob. – The governor was not called upon for aid In time to be effective. It will be remembered that Judge Semmes refused to try the negroes if it was to be under military protection, as requested Dy the bar association. He relented last night., It has been generally expected in Mobile that the men would never get from the station the jail. While the conservative element were doing everything m their power to create a sentiment in favor of allowing the law to take its course, hotter heads were determined, and they recognized it as almost a hopeless task without the support of the military.’ SHERIFF DOUBTS SAFETY ‘ OF NEGROES ON WAY Birmingham, Oct. 6.. The two negroes who have been confined in the county jail since their arrival from Mobile were taken back ‘ to Mobile which left at lOmfwy mfwyp mfw last night on the Southern train which left at 10 o’clock. The negroes are in charge of Sheriff John S. Powers, Charles Green, deputy sheriff, and G. J. Flournoy; city editor of the Mobile Item. In the course of an interview yesterday Mr. Flournoy said that the prospects of landing the prisoners safely in jail in. Mobile were very doubtful. “Of course.” said he. “we will do our duty to the best of our ability, but what, chance would three meen have against a mob of snnn?”


“Lynchings.” The Montgomery Times (Montgomery, AL), October 06, 1906.