Lynchings In 1907.: JAN. FEB. MAR. APR. MAY. JUN. JUL. AUG. SEP. OCT. NOV. DEC.

Source Type: Newspaper
Creator: Chicago Tribune
Publisher: Chicago Tribune
Place of publication: Chicago
Date of publication: 1908

The record of lynchings, on the whole is encouraging as it contains the smallest number in the last twenty years. The total is but 83 as compared with 69 in 1906. As the lynchings evil is a problem of national interest, the following table is appended. It covers a period of twenty-three years.

The number of lynchings in the various states and territories is as follows: Alabama, 11; Arkansas, 3; Georgia, 9; Iowa, 1; Kentucky, 1; Louisiana, 11; Maryland, 2; Mississippi, 13; Nebraska, 1; South Carolina, 2; Tennessee, 2; Texas, 4; Indian Territory, 1; Oklahoma, 2- or south, 61; north 2; of the total number 60 were negros and 3 whites, 60 males and 3 females. The crimes alleged were as follows; Murder, 18; rape,12; attempted rape, 11; murderous assault, 7; race riot, 7; burglary, 3; complicity in murder, 2; rape and murder, 1; insults to women, 1; theft, 1.


4-Unkown negro, attempted rape, Midway, Ala.                                              9-James Cullen, white, murder. Charles City Ia.                                                                                    23- Henry Bell, colored, rape, Greenwood. Miss.


15-Flint Williams, colored, murder, Monroe, La.                                     15-Hentry Gardner, colored, murder. Monroe, La                                  20-Two colored women, murderous assault, Stamps. Arkansas     24-Cloveland Harding, colored, attempted rape, Florence. Ala.             26-Unkown negro, attempted rape, Hartford, Ala.                                      31-James Williams, colored, attempted rape, Colbert, La


16-Chales Strauss, colored, attempted rape, Bunkle, LA.                               17-Frederick Kilbourne, colored, attempted rape, Clinton, LA         29-Eben Calhoun, colored, murderous assault, Pittsview, Ala.


3-Silas Ealy, colored rape, Bossier’s Point. La                                               7- Charles Harris, cored murder, Deering, Ga                                                 7-Unkown negro, rape, Marion county, South Carolina.                     21- Five negros, race riot, Reldsville, Ga


1-Henry Johnson, colored, attempted rape, Echo, La.                                                        2-George Hudson, colored, attempted murder, Trenton, South C. 8-Abe Johnson, colored, race rioter, near Yazoo City, Miss               8-Harry Johnson, colored, race rioter, near Yazoo City, Miss           9-Lee Fox, colored, murder, Ruleville, Miss                                             10-James W. Wilson, colored, attempted rape, Gibsland, La            28-Mathias Jackson, colored, rape, near Alexandria, La                     28-Rlph Dorans, colored, rape, Ruby, La


1-“Dock” Posey, rape, Dalton, Ga                                                                                     2-George Herbert, colored, murderous assault, Owen, Ga.                                      10-Frank Bailey, colored, murderous assault, near Oklahoma City 14-Frederick Wilson, colored, murder, Del Rio, Texas                         20-Andrew Trice, colored, murder, Olive Branch, Miss                       22- Two negroes, fighting white men, Lake county, Tenn                 28-James Reed, colored, murder, Crisfield, Md.                                                 29-Samuel Washington, colored, murder, near Vicksburg. Miss.


6-Thomas Hall, colored, attempted assault, Goliad, Tex                         16-William Clifford, colored, rape and murder, Maple, Ky                 26-Louis Higgins, murder, Bancroft. Me.                                                                 27-John Lipsey, colored, rape, Pickensville, Ala


8-Jerry Johnson, colored, rape, North Birmingham, Ala                     22-Moses Dossett, colored, attempted rape, Pritchard’s station, Ala


5-William Burns, colored, murder, Cumberland, Md.                                  11-William Jackson, colored, burglary, Tunslea, Miss                                 11-James Shoots, colored, burglary, Tunica, Miss.                                 11-George Robinson, colored, burglary, Tunica, Miss.                         23-Henry Sykes, colored, insulting woman, Van Vleet, Miss                           27-John Walks, colored, robbery, Byron, Ga                                             27- Meyer, colored, complicityin murder, Carrolton, Miss                             29-Charles German, colored, rape, near Belen, Miss


2-Abram Sumroll, colored, murder, Vinegar Bend, Ala                       2-Hentry Lucas, colored, simplicity in murder, Vinegar Bend, Ala        3-Frederick Quiqleton, colored, murder, Talladega, Ala                     4-Alexander Johnson, colored, attempted rape, Cameron, Tex       30-Newt Saunders, colored, rape, Opp, Ala


5-Washington Mussay, colored, order, Augusta, Ark                           13-Unnamed negro, murderous assault, Mer Rouge. La                                16-Patrick Husband, colored, rape, near McHenry, Miss                         24-Jaines Garden, colored, murder, muskogee, Oklahoma                                26-Anderson Callaway, colored, attempted rape, Marquez, Tex


Lynchings In 1907, 1908 Jan. Chicago Tribune, Chicago Daily Tribune, pp. 20