Meek Lynched, Says Report

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Starkville News
Place of publication: Starkville Mississippi
Date of publication: 1916-07-07

Negro who shot Ed Upton pays the penalty for crime with his life-Rumor of lynching is unconfirmed.

News from good authority and reliable source was received here late yesterday afternoon that the negro Sam Meek, who shot and killed Officer Ed Upton near Crawford Saturday night while the latter was attempting to arrest him, was apprehended and lynched near Pickensville, Ala., some time Sunday or Saturday night.

A constant search for the negro had been made from the moment he killed Upton and his apprehension was expected some time Sunday. The report came from Alabama yesterday that the hunt for the negro had been successful and that he had been lynched on the spot where he was captured. Feeling ran high against the culprit following the committal of the crime and a determined posse was on the hunt for him. The announcement of the negro’s fate did not come as a surprise. –Columbus Dispatch.


1916-07-07, The Starkville News, Meek Lynched, Says Report, VOL. XV., NO. 10, pp.1