More on the Flying Jenny

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Date of publication: 11/18/1908 0:00
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In the middle of Greensboro avenue between Collier’s and Rosenfeld’s is a small tent, which houses two freak specimens of animalism. The little horse and the Rhinohog, the only animal of its kind in existence. This remarkable animal has the head of a rhinoceros the body of a horse in the feet of a deer with a heavy mean. This is a freak in itself and Prof. Ford, has the only animal in charge, claims it to be the only one of its kind in the country. The Fairies in the Well are the source of much admiration from those who visited the place yesterday, and they certainly are cunning specimens. The Ferris wheel, the miniature railway and the flying-jenny carry their full quota of passengers each trip, and all go to make up a most uptodate attraction. It is impossible for one to see all the Robinsons shows in one night. It requires two trips and then you want to go back and see some of them over. Robinson is congratulated for getting together such an array of novel attractions. The weather was fine yesterday and large crowds were on the streets during the afternoon and night and then shows all day to good business.