Source Type: Newspaper
Author: n.a.
Publisher: The Decatur Daily
Place of publication: Decatur, Alabama
Date of publication: September 7, 1928

Edgar Moses was acquitted of a charge of murder in connection with the slaying in April, 1926, of Lily Cobbb, negro, by a mob of which the state charged Moses was a member, by a Blount county jury here today. The jury received the case at 4:10 p.m. yesterday and returned its verdict at 9:55 a.m. today. Four other men, including John Wade, reputed former cyclops of the Oneonta Klavern of the Ku KIux Klan, which the state attempted to link with the slaying, were granted bail, pending their trial on murder charges in connection with the Cobb case. Counsel for Wade posted bonds of $15,000 for his release, the other men, Enoch Evans, Byron Hearst and Joe Harris, posted bonds of $10,000 each. The state charged Moses was a member of a hooded band that went to the Cobb home with the intention of flogging the woman, and in the melee that followed their arrival, the woman was killed. The defense rested its case yesterday after introducing several character witnesses in an attempt to impeach testimony given by John Payne, who identified Moses as the man shot by Emory Cobb, husband of the woman, when the hooded men closed in on his home. Moses was admitted to a Birmingham hospital the day after the woman was slain for treatment to his hand, which had been almost severed near his wrist from a charge of shot. He refused to explain his injury.


“Moses Found Not Guilty in Negros Death.” The Decatur Daily (Decatur, Alabama). Sep. 7, 1928.