“Murder and Man-Hunting in Marengo County”

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: Our Mountain Home
Place of publication: Talladega, Alabama
Date of publication: 12/22/1909 0:00

Murder and Man-Hunting In Marengo County Four White Men Wounded One Negro Burned Yesterday, Montgomery, Dec. 21.—Four white men were shot and one negro burned to death at Magnolia, a remote section in Marengo county yesterday afternoon. The trouble was caused by the killing of a young white man, Algernon Lewis, last Saturday by four negroes. Ernest Slade, of Flatwood, E W Shields and Tom Lindsey. of Magnolia, and N C Carlton, of Lamison, are the white men who were wounded. They were shot by Clint Montgomery, one of the four negroes charged with the murder. Chased hotly by the posse, and separated from his two nephews, Clint Montgomery took refuge in the house of a negro woman, and opened fire on the approaching white men. The four went down under his rifle, but the others, closing in on the house, set fire to it. With the negro inside the house the flames were fed from without until the house burned to the ground, the murderer with it. Fletcher Montgomery and Shelly Montgomery, brothers of the negro, who were supposed to have been implicated in the murder, were captured by the posse, and taken in charge by the sheriff, who drove through the country, eighteen miles, to Linden, the county site, with his prisoners. The other brother, Will Montgomery, was still free when the posse stopped its work with the night.