Mystery Deepens Regarding Fate of Cicero Cage, Negro

Source Type: Newspaper
Creator: The Tuscaloosa News
Publisher: The Tuscaloosa News
Place of publication: Tuscaloosa, AL
Date of publication: 3/19/1919

The mystery of what has become of Cicero Cage, the negro boy reported to have been lynched, deepens as time passes.

        On Tuesday Sheriff Hughes and two of his deputies went to the Parks Mill neighborhood, where the killing is said to have taken place, and could find no trace of the missing negro boy.

        A representative of The News talked to a gentleman from that neighborhood and he said that Cicero Cage worked for him on Saturday last.

        Cicero is said to have been killed on Thursday night, and if he was helping the gentleman referred to in his garden last Saturday, he could not have been killed.

        Someone wanted to know how the gentleman alluded to was working in his garden last Saturday, as that was the date of the big rain which commenced at 2 o’clock that morning and poured the most of the day, making garden work an impossibility.

        Sheriff Hughes says he and his deputies could get no trace of the missing negro and he is of the opinion that Cicero is dead, as his father reports, and that the matter is being kept quiet by those who killed him. It is pretty certain he has not been buried and it is supposed that after he was killed, his body was sunk in some deep hole in the creek near where he attempted to pull the young lady from her horse, when he attacked her.

        There is a deep mystery about what has become of the negro and it may never be cleared up.


1919, March 19. Mystery Deepens Regarding Fate of Cicero Cage, Negro. Reported Killed Thursday — Gentleman Says Negro Worked In Garden Last Saturday. The Tuscaloosa News.