N/A (description of killing)

Source Type: Newspaper
Publisher: The Tuskaloosa Gazette
Date of publication: Apr 5, 1876 11:50 pm

It is reported that a negro was killed, A short distance southeast of Tuskaloosa, a few nights since, under the following circumstances: He was a notoriously bad negro of the neighborhood, and on the night in question entered the room of a young lady, at her father’s house. She gave the alarm, and the negro fled. The household was aroused, and the father gathered together a number of the neighbors and went in search of the black demon. Upon entering the kitchen, he was discovered, and was only shot in time to prevent his killing one of the party with a knife. A horse belonging to that gentleman of the premises was found hitched near the stable, saddled and bridled, evidently prepared by the negro for flight after he had accomplished his heinous purpose.